Limited Editions 2022

Art is unique. I offer three custom projects where photography meets opportunity:

  1. Commission me to create a one-of-a-kind collection for your personal space.
  2. Whether you are a casual collector or a savvy investor growing a portfolio, my three or five-image themes can be considered. Each thematic collection is printed no more than five times. Acrylic wall clusters make a perfect display. My focus in 2022 will be two collections: "baleana" (whale) and "When Nature Calls" (from Kew Gardens, London). Displays start at $550.
  3. Interior design spaces. I have an extensive library of original artwork and photography not listed with stock companies. I take wide-angle and tilt-shift lenses when I travel and I have some incredible imagery from Europe, Australia, and many islands - including underwater and night skies. I plan to be in London, England in 2022.

Example Collections below shown in Cluster wall art

Contact me below for inquiries or to reserve a collection.

Different sizes and displays available

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