Archival Prints for Sale

What is an archival print? In today's consumer industry, the term "archival" is thrown around as if it's common. But professionally, it is not. From renowned B&H Photography: "'Archival' means that the product is designed to last a long time—with proper care and storage. Everything regarding printing needs to be stored or displayed in a way that will preserve its quality. Fortunately, digital techniques are significantly better than most of the classic chemical technologies.

When we look at current printer tech, there are two main elements that determine the relative archival-ness of a print: ink and paper. Both must be formulated to maintain accurate color over long periods of time. There’s also one huge enemy to a print’s longevity: light."

Pigment-based ink (fine particles suspended in liquid) on acid-free paper with optical brightening agents (the paper bounces absorbed UV light back into the picture) creates longevity. How long? Today's professional prints should last a lifetime.

Another way to protect prints/artwork from light is to frame with glass, or glaze the work. I prefer glazing to avoid the reflection of light on glass, and with current pigment and paper technologies, blocking UV light with glazing products is ideal. It is true that framing with glass that does not touch the print (use a matt or box frame) will last longer.

Therefore, all prints below are available framed with or without glass. Also, try not to mount pictures to a wall that receives direct sunlight as it will begin to fade professional prints within 15 years. If you print from a cheaper, mass-produced company, that fading will start in mere months.

For Sale

Each print is available as 8x10; 11x14; 16x20; or custom sized.